Anneliese is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coach Federation.
As a business coach, Anneliese has been described as someone who creates a trusting environment and is emotionally fully present, combining her analytical mind with her strong intuition. This leads to tangible outcomes for the person being coached.

Her approach starts with questioning your objectives. This can be limited to very specific work objectives but can also encompass much broader topics such as ‘life’ intentions. How can you integrate your objectives with company targets? What are the different persons you become in differing circumstances (leader, father, spouse, colleague etc.)? What prevents you from reaching your objectives and how can you deal with the road blocks on the way? What concrete action plan follows this challenge?

In her coaching practice, Anneliese combines action and reflection.
When a coaching client comes to Anneliese via his or her company, Anneliese will ensure a direct link of the client’s coaching journey with company objectives, processes and possibly diagnostic tools. Anneliese’s working methods vary depending on the client’s objectives. She will not shy away from using different ways of interacting and the use of different senses. For example, a brisk walk may be part of the coaching journey. Anneliese creates the framework, the space and the process that will accompany you in the realization of your objectives.