Leading Change

In addition to coaching, Anneliese is specialized in change acceptance processes, leadership development and facilitation skills. The core thought behind the change acceptance process is the following:
“You can make as many changes as you want to, but as long as a critical part of your organization is not committed to them, nothing will happen.”

Anneliese will work with you to identify where the stumbling blocks are for obtaining that commitment from your people. Through a series of very practical tools and group work, she helps you to facilitate the buy-in of your organization with your strategy and where you want to go.

Anneliese also teaches leadership development courses which focus on the essential skills for leading people. This can be in general or against the background of the company’s annual performance appraisal system.
Since many years, Anneliese is also experienced in facilitating groups at different levels of the organization. For example, she has facilitated different meetings at Board of Director level. She also teaches facilitation skills to people who want to optimize the efficiency of group work and interaction.
In all of these areas, her teaching style is very interactive and facilitative. Anneliese believes in the added value of erasing barriers between different levels of the organization, and between customers, suppliers and other business partners.