As the world around us becomes more chaotic, we are encouraged to choose practices that order our thoughts and quiet our mind. Labyrinth walking has gained in importance over the last few years as a metaphor for walking towards the essence of your life and as a powerful way for transformation. It gives you possibilities to search for answers that transcend your normal way of thinking. Wascher and Partner has a beautiful labyrinth on its property which was constructed by Uwe. Anneliese uses the labyrinth for her Qlickcoaching and training activities (For more information and background on the Labyrinth see Qlickcoaching)

“When I was asked to enter the labyrinth, I assumed that I would not experience much. As a matter of fact it is only a row of stones which form a path… But I was surprised by the range of emotions that came up as I walked towards the center… It was an intense feeling, different from what I was used to. In the center, many things became very clear. For example, I felt that I could obtain a better balance between my private and my business life. The symbolism of the labyrinth is very powerful” Patrick Muezers, Managing Director Polyscope